will smiths career is over

will smiths career is over

Will Smith’s Career May Be Over

It looks like the end of the road for Will Smith as his career is slowly fading away. Will Smith was once one of the most successful family-friendly actors in Hollywood, but his recent movies have failed to move the box office as much as his older projects. Here’s what we know about why Will Smith’s career may be over.

1. His Recent Movies Haven’t Performed Well

The most telling sign that Will Smith’s career is fading away is the fact that his last few movies failed to make waves at the box office. His 2018 movie Gemini Man clocked in as the lowest-grossing of all his movies, while his 2019 movie Aladdin earned a fraction of what was expected.

2. His Movies Aren’t Hitting With Audiences

It’s not just the box office numbers that spell trouble for Will Smith. His recent movies haven’t been connecting with audiences, with the Aladdin remake falling flat among moviegoers. Audiences were expecting something special from Will Smith, but the movie failed to deliver.

3. He’s Not as Popular as He Used to Be

The final nail in the coffin for Will Smith’s career is his declining popularity. Will Smith was once one of the most-loved personalities in Hollywood, but his star power has steadily declined in recent years. He’s no longer the box office draw he used to be.


It looks like the golden age of Will Smith may be over. His last few movies didn’t perform well and his popularity has faded. While it’s possible that he could make a comeback, right now it looks like his career is coming to an end.

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