will smith ruined his career

will smith ruined his career

Will Smith Failed His Career

Will Smith has been one of the most popular actors in Hollywood for decades. But recently some of his choices have been questioned by fans and critics alike, leading to many wondering if Will Smith has ruined his career.

Career Mistakes

Some of the biggest blunders that Will Smith made in his career include:

  • Failed To Adapt: Will Smith’s career has relied heavily on playing larger-than-life characters that he was known for. But in recent years, he has failed to adapt to the changing landscape of cinema, sticking to the same type of roles and never really branching out of his comfort zone.
  • Poor Script Choices: Will Smith has been in some box office successes, but the majority of his choices have been poor. From his starring role in Suicide Squad to more recent releases such as Gemini man, Will Smith has simply gone with scripts that have ultimately failed.
  • Risk Averse: While some of Will Smith’s blunders can be chalked up to bad luck, it could also be argued that he hasn’t taken enough risks and has not been willing to move outside of his comfort zone. This has resulted in some incredibly mediocre movies, which have soured his once golden career.

Can He Recover?

Will Smith is still a box office draw, but the last few years have seen him take a back seat to other stars. It’s hard to imagine that he can completely recover from the mistakes he’s made, but stranger things have happened. Hopefully, he can get back on track with some interesting roles and projects. After all, no career is ever truly ruined.

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