why is college and career readiness important

why is college and career readiness important

Why is College and Career Readiness Important

College and career readiness is an important factor for students to take into account these days. Whether you’re a student, parent or school administrator, college and career readiness can make all the difference for a student’s future. Here are a few key reasons why college and career readiness matters:

Helps Choose the Right Career

College and career readiness gives young people the tools and resources to select the right career. It helps them explore different opportunities and figure out where they may be best suited to pursue further education and gain valuable, transferable skills. With the right guidance and resources, a student can make an informed decision that can set him or her up for the long term.

Improved Chances of Employment Outcomes

Some careers require more than just a college degree these days. Going through college and career readiness courses will give students an advantage to gain the skills and understanding to secure a good employment outcome. It may be a good idea for students to get out into the field and gain some practical experience.

Opens Up New Opportunities

College and career readiness provides students with the opportunity to open up a new door and capitalize on the road ahead of them. By taking a step towards readiness, a student can gain valuable information and skills that can open new doors to a career they may not have considered previously.

Provides Guidance

Making the transition from school to college or a career can be a daunting and overwhelming journey. College and career readiness can provide guidance and mentorship to help young people understand their options and explore different pathways. These ready-made programs and courses can also help young people explore their career interests and goals.

Overall, college and career readiness is important to help students make better informed choices and set them up for more successful outcomes. With the right guidance and resources, college and career readiness can provide the tools to achieve their goals and aspirations.


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