why does my car shake when i brake

why does my car shake when i brake

Why Does My Car Shake When I Brake?

If your car is shaking when you brake, here are some potential causes:

Uneven Brake Pads

If you are experiencing vibrations from one side of your car as you brake, it means that one side of your brake pads may be unevenly worn. This can happen when one half of your brake rotor is not being worn down evenly by the brake pads.

Worn Rotor Surface

If both sides of your brake are vibrating, it could mean that your brake rotor is unevenly worn or warped due to heat buildup. If you haven’t had your brake rotors inspected in a while, then it may be time to do so.

Loose Wheels

If your car is shaking when you brake at higher speeds, it could mean that one or more of your wheels are loose. Make sure to inspect your wheels and make sure they are properly tightened.

Brake Fluid Leaks

Brake fluid is an essential part of the braking system and if there is a leak then it can cause the brakes to become less effective. Check the brake fluid levels regularly and if you spot any leaks, get your car to an auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Other Causes

Other potential causes of your car shaking when you brake include:

  • Calipers sticking: Your calipers, which are responsible for clamping down your brake pads onto the rotors, may be malfunctioning if they’re stuck and not releasing properly.
  • Broken or stuck ABS sensor: Your ABS sensor may be faulty, leading to an incorrect reading of your braking force and causing vibrations.
  • Brake pads worn too thin: If your brake pads are worn down too thin, they may not be able to provide adequate braking force and therefore cause vibrations.
  • Worn-out shocks: Old and worn-out shocks may lead to a harsher ride, which may also cause vibrations.

No matter what the cause is, it’s important to address the problem as soon as possible in order to avoid dangerous consequences and future damage. If you’re experiencing shaking when you brake, take your car to an auto repair shop for a thorough inspection.

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