why did you choose this career sample answer

why did you choose this career sample answer

Why I Chose This Career

It wasn’t an easy decision, but ultimately I chose this career because it offers the flexibility and opportunity I need to achieve my goals. Here are the three main reasons I chose this career:

Financial Opportunity

This career is one of the few that offers a stable and high-earning opportunity. I wanted to make sure I could earn a living doing something I love and this career path allowed me to do that and still pursue my dreams.

Personal Growth

The job I chose provides plenty of opportunities for personal growth and development. I’m always looking for ways to explore and expand my skills, and this job gives me the opportunity to do that and be supported along the way.


I wanted to make sure I had the freedom and flexibility to fully pursue my passions. The job I chose gave me the chance to travel, try new things, and build something that’s all my own.

At the end of the day, I’m thankful for the opportunity this career has afforded me and the chance to be in charge of my own success. With hard work and dedication, I know I’m capable of achieving my goals and this job provides the platform to do just that!

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