why career change reason

why career change reason

Reasons to Change your Career

A career change can be intimidating, but having a plan for why you’re doing it can make the shift easier. Consider the following reasons for changing your career:

Lack of Challenge or Growth

If you find that you’re no longer challenged in your job, it may be worth considering a move. Stopping yourself from becoming stagnant and taking on new responsibilities can increase your knowledge and deepen your skills, which may open more opportunities in the future.

Your Interests Have Changed

We all evolve, and so do our interests. What once seemed like the perfect job can soon become mundane and uninspiring. Consider whether there are new areas that you’d like to explore.

Compensation and Benefits

Sometimes companies just can’t keep up with you. A lower salary or fewer benefits can make you feel undervalued and unappreciated. Researching and exploring other jobs in the same or different industries could lead to a better compensation package.


It can be hard to ignore feeling of passion for a particular activity or industry. If you’ve got an inkling that something could be the perfect career for you, it could be worth taking the risk and exploring it further.

You’re Experiencing a Job Burnout

Stress can often lead to job burnout, and changing your career can provide the chance to reduce this – but only if the new career is more suited to your skills and passions. It’s not just the job itself that can cause burnout; factors like the organisation you work for and its culture can also play a part.

Making the Change

Not all career changes will be successful and easy. Other considerations include:

  • Networking: Don’t underestimate the importance of networking, it’ll help you get seen and heard.
  • Financial Support: Consider what income you may need to bridge the gap between your old job and new job.
  • Gaining New Skills: You may need to train in new areas or obtain a degree or certification to get the job you’re after.

A career change can be one of the most exciting and rewarding decisions you can make, and the potential for growth and development can be boundless. If you’re sure of why you want to change and confident that it’s the right step, then go for it!

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