who has the most home runs in a career

who has the most home runs in a career

Most Home Runs in a Career : Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds is widely-considered to hold the record for most home runs in a single career. He hit 762 career home runs from 1986 to 2007, 12 of them in the postseason. As an 18-time All-Star and seven-time National League MVP, Bonds has etch his name in the record books as one of baseball’s all-time greatest hitters.

Factors That Contributed to Bonds’s Record-Smashing Home Run Total

  • Powerful Bat – Bonds’ 6-foot-2 and 228-pound frame was unlike any other hitter in Major League Baseball history. Along with his bat speed, the combination of power and athleticism allowed him to hit towering home runs out of any ballpark.
  • Strength Training Regimen – Bonds was one of the first professional athletes to make weight training a center piece of his workouts in order to maximize his performance. By doing so, Bonds drastically increased his power at the plate and became a feared slugger.
  • Perfect Recipe for a Slugger – Bonds displayed tremendous reflexes and hand-eye coordination that enabled him to make quick adjustments at the plate. He also had great vision, bat speed and balance, which helped him hit for power and average at the same time.

In the end, Bonds was an incredible player who used a combination of physical abilities, intelligence, and technology to reach one of the biggest milestones in sports-history. He is one of the few players to reach 500 home runs and boasts a career total of 762, which is a record that will be almost impossible to break.

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