who has the most career hits in baseball

who has the most career hits in baseball

The Most Career Hits in Baseball

Baseball is one of the most iconic and most popular sports in America and the world. Since its inception in 1869, baseball has been a major force in the sports industry and many great athletes have graced the diamond. One major statistic when assessing a hitter’s performance is the amount of career hits they have accumulated. Now who holds the record for most career hits in baseball?

Pete Rose

Pete Rose is the all-time hits leader in baseball history with a staggering 4,256 hits. He played for the Cincinnati Reds from 1963-1978, the Philadelphia Phillies from 1979-1983 and the Montreal Expos from 1984-1986. His 24-year career is marked with numerous accomplishments such as being named an All-Star 17 times, winning three World Series, two batting titles and three Gold Gloves. Clearly, Rose was one of the top players in the league and his career hit record will be tough to beat.

Top 10 Career Hit Leaders:

  • 1. Pete Rose: 4,256 hits
  • 2. Ty Cobb: 4,189 hits
  • 3. Hank Aaron: 3,771 hits
  • 4. Stan Musial: 3,630 hits
  • 5. Tris Speaker: 3,514 hits
  • 6. Carl Yastrzemski: 3,419 hits
  • 7. Willie Mays: 3,283 hits
  • 8. Derek Jeter: 3,465 hits
  • 9. Paul Molitor: 3,319 hits
  • 10. Eddie Collins: 3,315 hits

The top 10 list is filled with some of the most revered and incredible players in the history of baseball. Each player made an immense impact not only on their respective teams, but on the sport itself. While their individual records are impressive, none of them have come close to Pete Rose’s incredible hit record of 4,256.

To this day, Pete Rose still holds the record for most career hits in baseball and it is unlikely that it will be broken in the foreseeable future. His longevity and consistency in the batter’s box set him apart from the rest, cementing him as one of the greatest hitters of all time.

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