which of the following is true of different career patterns

which of the following is true of different career patterns

Career Patterns

A career pattern refers to the types of jobs that an individual pursues over the duration of their working life. There are different types of career patterns, which is especially useful for those looking to advance their career, or change professions.

Job Hopping

This career pattern involves constantly switching jobs after a relatively short period of time. Individuals who use this pattern typically do not stay with one company or position for a long period of time, rather they continually move between different employers, without reaching any long term goals. The biggest benefit of this career pattern is that it can lead to a broad range of experiences in a short period of time.

Ladder Climbing

This type of career pattern is the most common, it involves:

  • Progressing through a company – this usually involves usually involves rising through the ranks of one organisation, often culminating in senior positions.
  • Specialising in a certain skill – this type of career pattern requires individuals to become experts in a certain area and move jobs in order to gain more experience.

Changing Industries

Individuals with the “change industry” pattern often switch between different industries. Although this can be a tough career path, individuals tend to gain an array of valuable skills and insights. This type of career pattern is particularly useful for anyone who is looking to broaden their skill set, while gaining a range of experiences.

True of Different Career Patterns

In conclusion, it is true that different career patterns have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Job hopping can lead to broad range of experiences in a short period of time, whereas ladder climbing requires individuals to remain with one employer and slowly progress through the ranks. And finally, changing industries can provide experience across different sectors, but usually requires more effort and dedication.

Therefore, it is essential to take the time to consider the different options of career patterns to ensure that the most suitable one is chosen.

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