which management career often requires a master’s degree

which management career often requires a master’s degree

Which Management Careers Require A Master’s Degree?

Receiving a master’s degree can open doors to increased opportunities in the field of management. However, it is difficult to determine which management positions require a master’s degree as these requirements can vary from situation to situation.

Certified Management Accountant

A Certified Management Accountant (CMA) role is typically reserved for those that have gone through the accredited program offered through the Institute of Management Accountants. This program covers topics such as financial planning, analysis, decision-support and control, taxation, and legal and ethical responsibilities. A CMA is typically required to have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field and at least two to three year’s of experience in management accounting or financial management.

Human Resources Manager

Human resources managers lead staff in recruiting and interviewing, develop and maintain working relationships with external partners, and make sure that organizations comply with government regulations. The job requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in human resources management or a related field. However, many employers prefer to hire those with a master’s degree in human resources or a related field.

Products/Operations Manager

A products/operations manager oversees the design and fabrication of products in order to make improvements and develop new products. They often coordinate between departments and are the primary contact for customers and contractors. A bachelor’s degree in business administration, engineering, or a related field is typically required for this role, but having a master’s degree can give candidates an added advantage.


In conclusion, depending on the organization, there are a several management positions that often require a master’s degree. A few of those positions include a certified management accountant, human resources manager, and products/operations manager. Having the additional credential of a master’s degree for any of these positions can help give a candidate a competitive edge.

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