which criminal career gta online

which criminal career gta online

Which Criminal Career in GTA Online?

The criminal underworld of Grand Theft Auto Online is quite diverse and full of opportunities. As an up-and-coming criminal, you have the chance to pick your own path and rise up to the top – but just which criminal career should you choose? Here are a few of the most popular ones:

Organized Crime

Organized crime is the most direct route to becoming a crime lord. It involves forming a crew of like-minded criminals and taking high-stakes jobs, ranging from heists to raging gun battles. Organized crime also allows you to slowly work your way up the criminal ranks with the ultimate goal of earning a big pay off or a share in the spoils.

Drug Dealing

If you have a flair for underground trade, drug dealing may be your best choice. You could start small and move up the ladder, becoming more established and finding more lucrative deals. By controlling the supply and demand you could be the biggest dealer of your town, making a huge profit in the process.

Spying and Intelligence

If you thrive in the shadows and have a knack for gathering information, spying and intelligence work may fit the bill. You can act as a go-between or a double agent, working for both sides of the law. Intelligence agents are often highly sought after and can be recruited by both the law enforcement and the criminal world.

Profiting from Stolen Goods

If you’re more of a get-rich-quick type, then profiting from stolen goods may be a good fit. Stealing cars, jewelry, and other valuables can make you a tidy profit, but you’ll need to stay one step ahead of the law. This career requires quick thinking and fast reflexes, and can make you a fortune if you pull off the right heists.


No matter what criminal career you choose, there’s no doubt that Grand Theft Auto Online provides a captivating and engaging underworld that will challenge you to rise to the top. You should consider your skills and talents, as well as the risks involved, before deciding which path to take. Good luck!

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