which career requires less education than an auditor

which career requires less education than an auditor

Careers Requiring Less Education Than Auditing

Auditing is a high paying career but it requires a background in accounting or a related degree. It also often requires additional certifications or state licensing. If you are looking for a career in the financial industry that requires fewer educational qualifications, consider these job options.

Financial Examiner

A financial examiner is a regulatory professional that monitors businesses and financial institutions to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations and professional standards. To become a financial examiner, you often need two years of experience in financial analysis or a related field, such as accounting or regulatory reporting.

Financial Planner

Financial planners create comprehensive plans for clients to help them achieve their financial goals. They also provide financial advice on investments, retirement and estate planning. Most financial planners need a bachelor’s degree in finance or economics, plus additional certifications from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Budget Analyst

Budget analysts help companies balance their budgets by analyzing their expenditures and income. They also oversee financial planning and forecasting, and they often provide advice and expertise on financial systems, processes and controls. To become a budget analyst, you need a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or a related field.

Personal Financial Advisor

Personal financial advisors give advice to people on managing their money. They also provide guidance and assistance on investments, taxes, insurance and retirement planning. Most employers prefer to hire candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree in finance or a related field, plus some experience in the financial industry.

Credit Analyst

Credit analysts review financial documents and assess creditworthiness for individuals, businesses and other entities. They also provide advice and expertise on creditworthiness and credit risk. To become a credit analyst, you usually need a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting or a related field.

Claims Adjuster

Claims adjusters are responsible for processing, evaluating and settling insurance claims. To become a claims adjuster, you usually need a high school diploma and additional on-the-job training. Experience in a related field, such as customer service or insurance, may also be required.

Mortgage Broker

Mortgage brokers help potential home buyers find the best lending solutions. They provide advice and assistance on mortgages, loans, interest rates and other loan-related matters. Most mortgage brokers need a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics or a related field, plus significant experience in the mortgage industry.

These are just a few of the careers that require less education than an auditor. By researching each field and understanding the requirements, you can find the best career for you.

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