when unclear of your career path you should

when unclear of your career path you should

When Unclear About Your Career Path

It is normal for people to feel uncertain about their career path in life. Whether you are just starting out, considering a change in career direction, or wondering what to do next, it can be hard to know how to navigate your evolving career.

Assess Your Options

The first step in picking the right career is to assess the options available to you. Think about what interests you and what type of work is going to fulfill you. There may be a range of possibilities that pique your interest. You may want to take some time to research different job roles, qualifications and additional training. This will help you form a starting list of suggested career paths to explore.

Talk to People

The next step is to consult those around you. Talking to family, friends, or people currently working in the field can help to provide clarity and can give you an insight into the different opportunities available to you. They can also provide helpful advice and support throughout your decision making process.

Reflect & Clarify

Once you have assessed your options and talked to those around you, it is a good idea to spend some time reflecting and clarifying your thoughts. You may find that writing down your thoughts and ideas can help to organise your ideas and will make it easier to decide what direction to take.

Take Action

Now that you have an understanding of your options and a vision for what you would like to achieve, you can begin to take the necessary action needed to get there. This could involve registering for courses or submitting job applications. It is important to remember to take one step at a time and don’t be afraid to reach out for support.


Making career choices can be intimidating, but with proper planning, research, and support you can gain clarity on what is best for you. It is important to remember to be patient, stay focused, and be open to new opportunities that may present themselves on your journey.

Take away points:

  • Assess your options
  • Talk to people
  • Reflect & clarify
  • Take action

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