what was frederick douglass career

what was frederick douglass career

Frederick Douglass’ Extraordinary Career

Frederick Douglass was a powerful and inspiring abolitionist in the 1800s. Although born into slavery in Maryland, his legacy lives on and he is considered one of the most influential people in United States history. His career was multifaceted and remarkable for its advancement of civil rights and societal progress.

Early Career and Abolitionist Activism

Douglass’ career began when he escaped from slavery, paying a ship captain to take him to freedom in 1838. He quickly became one of the more influential and well-known voices of the abolitionist movement. He wrote several autobiographies to gain support for the antislavery cause and wrote about the deplorable conditions that slaves and former slaves experienced. He even lobbied for the emancipation of all slaves.

Advocate for Women’s Rights

Douglass was also a strong advocate for Women’s rights. He publicly criticized the Women’s Rights Movement’s exclusion of African American women and argued in favor of their inclusion. Douglass also served as the President of the National Council of Women and attended two conferences advocating for reform of education, labor, and health care for women.

Editor of Newspapers

Before his death, Douglass started two newspapers, The North Star and The New National Era, to raise his voice against injustice and to advocate for African American equality and civil rights.


Frederick Douglass spent his life advocating for civil rights and created an enduring legacy of progress. He will forever remain an inspiring figure for human rights and for the freedom of all individuals.


  • Escaped from slavery in 1838
  • One of the leaders of the abolitionist movement
  • Strong advocate for Women’s rights
  • Editor of the newspapers The North Star and The New National Era

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