what to ask at a career fair

what to ask at a career fair

Questioning an Employer at a Career Fair

What to Ask?

When attending a career fair, it is important to make a positive impression on the people you are talking to. A sure way to do this is by asking questions that show you have done research on the company you are talking to and are genuinely interested in working for them. Here are some great questions to ask an employer at a career fair:

  • What types of career opportunities do you have?
  • This question will help you get a broad idea of the types of open positions they have available, and how they align with your interests.

  • What is the culture like at the company?
  • This is a great question to ask to get a sense of the atmosphere and environment at the organization.

  • How does the company handle professional development?
  • This question will help you get a better understanding of how the company values professional education and growth.

  • What makes your company unique from its competitors?
  • This question will help you learn more about what they view as setting them apart from other companies.

  • What is the onboarding process like?
  • This is an important question to get a better understanding of the expectations and process for joining their team.

  • How can I stay informed about potential job openings?
  • This question will show that you are interested in the company and seek to stay up to date on opportunities they may have available.

By asking questions at a career fair, you can gain valuable insight into the company and impress the employer with your knowledge and enthusiasm. Asking the right questions can be the difference between getting an offer or going home empty-handed.

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