what should i do as a career quiz

what should i do as a career quiz

What Should I Do As A Career Quiz

Do you feel confused and uncertain about what career to pursue? There are a lot of options out there, and it can be tough to choose. Take this quiz to get a better understanding of what kind of professional path is right for you.


  • What long-term goals are most important to you?

    • Gaining wealth
    • Helping people
    • Having a flexible schedule
    • Having recognition and status
    • Pursuing a passion or dream

  • How important is job security to you?

    • Very important
    • Somewhat important
    • Not very important

  • Do you prefer to work independently or collaboratively?

    • Independently
    • Collaboratively

  • Do you value creativity and innovation?

    • Yes
    • No

  • Are you interested in working outside or indoors?

    • Outside
    • Indoors
    • Both


After answering these questions, you can get a better understanding of how your preferences relate to certain professions. For example, if you prioritize helping people and working collaboratively, you may be suited for a career in social work or teaching. If you want to pursue a dream and value creativity and innovation, consider a career in the arts or entrepreneurship. If you value job security and prefer working indoors, look into a profession like engineering or accounting. Your answers can help guide you towards the career that is right for you!

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