what positions did babe ruth play during his career

what positions did babe ruth play during his career

What Positions Did Babe Ruth Play During His Career?

What Positions Did Babe Ruth Play During His Career?

During his career, Babe Ruth is known mainly for his exploits as a hitter, particularly his record of 714 home runs. Many people don’t realize, however, that Ruth was also an outstanding fielder and pitcher. Ruth played all nine positions throughout his 22-year MLB career.

Positions Played by Babe Ruth

  • Pitcher: Ruth was a dominant pitcher for the Boston Red Sox from 1914 to 1919. He had a 94-46 record over seven seasons, with an ERA of 2.28. He also finished nine of his 11 complete seasons with an ERA under 2.50.
  • Catcher: Ruth’s first position with the Red Sox was as a catcher. He was an excellent catcher with excellent arm strength. He was able to throw out runners from deep behind the plate.
  • First Base: While primarily a catcher with the Red Sox, Ruth occasionally filled in for the first baseman. While not as adept at first, Ruth had a good glove and was surprisingly quick for such a large man.
  • Outfield: Ruth was a dominant outfielder for the Red Sox and the New York Yankees. He had excellent speed and range for a man of his size, and he had one of the most powerful throwing arms in the league.
  • Third Base: Ruth occasionally saw time at third base, most notably in 1918 when he split most of the season at third and in the outfield. He was a serviceable fielder, but not especially adept at the position.
  • Shortstop: While the majority of his defensive career was spent in the outfield, Ruth occasionally played shortstop.
  • Second Base: Ruth filled in at second base during the 1921 season, when he was primarily an outfielder.


Babe Ruth was an exceptional all-around player, playing all nine positions during his 22-year career. He was most successful in the outfield, but he was also an outstanding pitcher and fielder at every position he played.

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