what is the career home run record

what is the career home run record

Career Home Run Record

The career home run record is the record of total home runs achieved over the course of a player’s entire Major League Baseball (MLB) career. Home runs are the most significant offensive statistic in the sport and are seen by many as the most exciting way to score runs. As a result, the career home run record is one of the most sought-after accomplishments in the sport.

Reigning Home Run Champions

The current CAREER home run record of 763 home runs is held by Babe Ruth, and his record has stood for nearly a century. Since then, no other player has yet to eclipse this mark – although the closest to date is the legendary Hank Aaron, with 755 career home runs. Other notable players include Barry Bonds (with 762 career home runs), Ken Griffey Jr. (with 630 career home runs), and Alex Rodriguez (with 696 career home runs).

Key Contributors

In order to achieve this record-breaking statistic, a player needs to break several long-term records and have a record-breaking level of consistency. A few key contributors to this record-breaking consistency include:

  • Power: A player needs to have enough power to consistently hit home runs, as opposed to singles or doubles.
  • Durability: A player needs to be able to consistently perform at a high level over long periods of time.
  • Endurance: A player needs to be able to play through injuries and illnesses and stay healthy enough to be on the field for the majority of their career.

The career home run record is one of the most coveted achievements in Major League Baseball. It is a testament to a player’s longevity, power, and durability – and is a goal that all aspiring baseball players strive for.

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