what is the best career to start at 40

what is the best career to start at 40

Finding the Best Career for a 40-Year-Old

Starting a new career, or a job change, in your 40s can be overwhelming, but it’s also exciting. Knowing your age and experience, you have the freedom to explore what is truly enjoyable and fulfilling. Here are some tips to consider when finding the best new career path:

Think About Your Interests

You likely have an idea of the career path you want to pursue. To narrow that idea, look at your interests and think about what was always inspiring to you in your previous experiences. Do research and explore what roles, companies, and education requirements make the most of your interests.

Know What Matters to You

Your current career goals may be vastly different than what they were in your 20s, so think of what is most important to you now. That may include factors like job stability and benefits, or it could be focused on venturing into something creative.

Consider Your Transferable Skills

When assessing your transferable skills, look beyond the job title or industry and think about specific skills you have developed over time. This could be something like time management, customer service, problem solving, or communication.

Allow Free Time for Exploration

Your 40s are the perfect time to find a career that fits your interests and skills. To make sure you make the best choice for yourself, take some free time to do your research and explore the job market.

Here are some of the best careers to consider starting in your 40s:

  • Consultant/Freelancer: Utilize your experience and wisdom to advise others in your field by working independently.
  • Lawyer: For those with experience in the legal field and a passion to help others, consider pursuing a law degree and career.
  • Teacher: If you’ve been successful in a career and have knowledge to share, become a teacher and help the next generation.
  • IT Specialist: Technology advances are constant and you can stay competitive in this ever-changing field.
  • Entrepreneur: Combine your creativity and ambition to become the founder of a startup or small business.

Starting a job in your 40s is not as overwhelming as it may seem. With the right knowledge and determination, you can find a rewarding career path you are passionate about. Take your time and explore the path that suits you best.

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