what is jordan poole career high

what is jordan poole career high

Jordan Poole’s Career High

Jordan Poole is an American basketball star who plays for Golden State Warriors. He was drafted in the first round of the 2019 NBA draft and is looking to make a name for himself in the league. Here’s a look at his career high to date.

Game Highs

Poole has had some impressive performances this season. His career-high scoring total came against Denver Broncos in February 2020, when he racked up 43 points. He also had a season-high 10 assists against Atlanta Hawks.


Poole has shown great aptitude on the glass this season, recording a career-high 14 rebounds against San Antonio Spurs in January. He also had a season-high 11 rebounds against Brooklyn Nets in April.

Steals and Blocks

Poole had a career-high 5 steals against Miami Heat in January, and his season-high came against the New Orleans Pelicans in February when he had 4. He had a career-high 4 blocks in December against the Phoenix Suns, and his season-high was 3 against the Oklahoma City Thunder in November.

3-pointers and Free Throws

Poole has excelled from deep this season. His career-high for 3-pointers is 6, coming against the Lakers in January. He also had a season-best 5 3-pointers against the Spurs in January. His 3-point shooting percentage is currently at 36%.

Poole has a career-high of 10 free throws made in a game against the Nets in April. He also had a season-high of 9 against the Lakers in December. His free-throw shooting percentage is currently at 79%.


Jordan Poole has had a remarkable rookie season, showcasing his talent and skill on the court. His career highs:

  • Points: 43
  • Rebounds: 14
  • Steals: 5
  • Blocks: 4
  • 3-pointers: 6
  • Free Throws: 10

These performances have helped Poole become one of the most promising rookies in the league and the Golden State Warriors will be optimistic about his potential going forward.

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