what is career clock in madden

what is career clock in madden

What is the Madden Career Clock?

The Madden Career Clock is a feature that allows players to achieve their football goals in the popular EA Sports Madden NFL video game franchise. The mode was introduced in Madden NFL 22 and provides players with an opportunity to build their legacy in the world of Madden over the course of 10 seasons, with the choice of building up a team or controlling their own individual career.

How it works?

The Madden Career Clock works by tracking your own individual career stats and team stats, which accumulate over the course of 10 seasons. From the start of a season, you are allotted a number of slots to fill on your roster based on your performance in the previous season. Once you fill those slots, you’ll face a limit for the rest of the season, preventing you from making any more additions to your team.

Players can choose from a variety of plays and strategies to build up their team, but at the end of the season the Career Clock will evaluate your performance and award you points based on your progress. At the end of each season, the total points you have accumulated will determine your team’s rating, which will determine your team’s seeding and ability to compete in the playoffs.


  • Enhances Team Building: The Madden Career Clock promotes strategic play by allowing players to build their team up over the course of a season and progress their own individual careers in the process.
  • Realistic Gameplay: The Madden Career Clock creates a realistic experience by limiting player moves and forcing users to utilize their allotted resources wisely.
  • Immersion in Franchise Mode: The Madden Career Clock further immerses players into the world of Madden by allowing them to build and develop a team the way they want.

The Madden Career Clock provides an engaging and realistic experience for players in the Madden NFL video game franchise. It’s an exciting way to bring your team to life and progress your own individual career as well.

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