what is an easy career that pays well

what is an easy career that pays well

What is an Easy Careers That Pays Well?

Are you looking for an easy job that provides financial security and good rewards? You’re not alone – many people feel drawn to occupations where the workload isn’t too intense and the salary is generous. Thankfully, there are several interesting and rewarding career paths to consider.

1. Accountant

Accounting is a great profession for those with strong numerical skills and an aptitude for problem-solving. With additional training, such as obtaining a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license, it is possible to command a lucrative salary. Depending on the state and the employer, accountants earn anywhere between $30 and $50 per hour. Being an accountant can be a demanding job at times, but the rewards are worth it.

2. Software Engineer

Software engineering is an excellent career choice for tech-savvy professionals who enjoy problem-solving and working with computers. The job involves creating software and apps in various programming languages. Job requirements and salaries vary, but most software engineers are paid an average of $40 to $60 per hour.

3. Actuarial Analyst

Actuarial analysts use mathematics, statistics, and financial theories to determine risks and formulate financial strategies for insurance companies and other businesses. Actuarial analysts often work with other business professionals to assess the costs and benefits of certain transactions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, actuarial analysts earn an average of $50 per hour.

4. Physician

Doctors are highly specialized professionals and often require years of schooling before being licensed to practice. In addition, doctors must obtain a certification from a medical board in the state in which they wish to practice. Although the educational and licensing requirements are significant, a physician’s salary easily compensates. Starting salaries may range anywhere between $90 and $125 per hour, with experienced doctors making even more.

5. Pilot

Commercial pilots have the unique opportunity of traveling the world while commanding premium salaries. The job involves flying passengers to and from destinations while adhering to strict safety regulations. Although the job has demanding hours and strict qualifications, the job rewards are well worth the effort. The median salary for a commercial pilot is $58 per hour.


These five careers provide easy work with good pay. Depending on your skills, qualifications and interests, you can choose the one that is best suited for you. With proper training and dedication, you can easily pursue any of these careers and live a comfortable and rewarding life.

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