what is a career strategy map

what is a career strategy map

What Is A Career Strategy Map?

A career strategy map is a tool used to define and pursue a career path. It is designed to help individuals develop and execute a strategy to achieve their desired career goals while taking into account current strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and job market trends.

Benefits of a Career Strategy Map

A career strategy map can offer the following benefits:

  • Define career goals: A career strategy map helps to define career goals that are achievable, tangible, and measurable. It can also provide a roadmap to navigate one’s career journey.
  • Set actionable steps: Once the desired career goal is identified, a career strategy map gives suggestions for actionable steps to reach the goal.
  • Prioritize goals: A career strategy map can be used to prioritize goals and create action plans for daily, weekly, and monthly activities that move closer to achieving the desired outcome.
  • Understand the current job market: A career strategy map helps individuals to understand what is currently happening in the job market in terms of job trends, opportunities, etc., so they can make educated career decisions.

Creating a Career Strategy Map

Creating a career strategy map is a relatively easy process. It can be done on paper, in a document, or a number of other mediums. At a minimum, it should include the following steps:

  • Define goals – produce a clear definition of the career goal.
  • Identify skills and resources necessary to accomplish the goal.
  • Research industry trends and market for available opportunities.
  • Set a timeline for achieving the goal.
  • Create an action plan for pursuing the goal.
  • Track progress and adjust as needed.


The career strategy map is a powerful tool that can help individuals to focus their efforts and map out a career path. Once a career strategy map is created and action steps taken, individuals should start to experience positive results in their career journey.

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