what is a career politician

what is a career politician

The Career Politician: What is a Career Politician?

A career politician is a person who is deeply involved in the pursuit of political power and has been persuing a political career for many years. A career politician is likely to have been involved in several elections and has significant power, influence and visibility in the current political landscape.

Characteristics of a Career Politician

Career politicians typically possess a variety of characteristics, such as:

  • Expertise: Career politicians possess a deep knowledge of the political landscape and policy, honed over years of working experience.
  • Persistence: Career politicians are usually not deterred by failure and will continue to pursue their goals even when faced with challenges.
  • Resourcefulness: Political resources can be difficult to come by and skillfully use them to gain influence, credibility and respect are integral part of a career politician’s arsenal.
  • Influence: Career politicians often have influence over decision making, if they hold office or are in a leadership position.

Advantages of a Career Politician

One of the major benefits of being a career politician is that they may have more experience when it comes to navigating the complexities associated with politics. This experience can provide them with an advantage when it comes to their chances of successfully achieving certain goals. Additionally, due to their knowledge of the political landscape, career politicians may have access to more resources and contacts than non-career politicians.

Disadvantages of a Career Politician

While a career politician can provide a certain level of experience and expertise in the political arena, they may also be seen as stale and out of touch. This may be especially true if they belong to a political party that is no longer in power. Additionally, career politicians may not be as open to taking risks and this could be seen as a disadvantage when it comes to helping them achieve their goals.

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