what happens if you put diesel in a gas car

what happens if you put diesel in a gas car

What Happens if You Put Diesel in a Gas Car?

Putting diesel fuel into a car that is designed to run on petrol (gasoline) is a mistake that can have costly consequences. Not only will it make your car stop working, but the repair to the damage done by introducing diesel fuel into the fuel system of a gasoline engine can be expensive.

What would happen if you put diesel in a gas car?

1. Engine will not start

One of the most immediate results that may occur when diesel is put into a gas car is that it will not start. This is because diesel has a significantly higher viscosity than gasoline and is not designed to run in engines designed to use gasoline.

2. Long term damage

Putting diesel into a gasoline engine can cause significant long-term damage to the engine. Diesel contains significantly more lubricating oil than gasoline, which can clog fuel injectors and fuel filters, cause vacuum lines to corrode and even corrode the pistons and valves of your engine.

3. Costly repair

The repairs necessary to recover from putting diesel in a gasoline engine can be costly. In some cases, the entire engine may need to be replaced in order to repair the damage that was done.

Prevention and repairs

  • Ensure that you and all of your car’s users always use the correct fuel type.
  • If diesel fuel is accidentally put into the tank, then it is essential to flush the tank and lines to remove the diesel fuel before refueling with the correct fuel.
  • If engine starting problems occur, or if there is smoke or abnormal odors coming from the exhaust, then a professional service technician should check the fuel system for damage.

Finally, it is important to note that when it comes to putting diesel in a gas car, prevention is the best form of protection. Taking the time to understand the differences between the two kinds of fuel and how they should be used in cars is the best way to avoid costly mistakes.

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