what happens if you put diesel in a gas car

what happens if you put diesel in a gas car

What Happens If You Put Diesel In a Gas Car?

Putting diesel fuel in a gas car is a very common mistake. In most cases, it can be very costly and time-consuming to repair the damage done. Here are some of the things you can expect if you accidentally put diesel fuel into a gas car:

Engine Damage

The first thing you can expect is engine damage if you put diesel fuel in a gas car. If the car is driven after the diesel is added, even for a short distance, it can cause significant damage to the engine. This can range from minor issues like a misfire or reduced performance, to catastrophic issues like a complete engine failure.

Fuel System Damage

Another potential problem you may face is damage to the fuel delivery system. Diesel fuel has different properties than gasoline and can cause clogs, damage seals, and deplete lubricants in the fuel delivery system. This can lead to expensive repairs, or even sometimes replacement of the entire fuel system.

Additional Costs

When you put diesel in a gas car, you can expect to incur additional costs in addition to repair costs. The diesel will need to be removed from the fuel tank and replaced with gasoline. You may also need to replace the fuel filter, which is usually clogged with diesel fuel particles.

Preventing Diesel Fuel Mistakes

The best way to prevent making mistakes like putting diesel in a gas car is to be aware at the gas pump. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when filling up:

  • Double Check the Pump Handle: Make sure you’re grabbing the right handle when filling up, as diesel pumps will usually be a different color than gasoline pumps.
  • Verify the Pump Label: Always check the label on the gas pump to ensure you are selecting the correct fuel for your vehicle.
  • Know Your Vehicle: Be knowledgeable about your vehicle and the type of fuel it requires.

By following these tips, you can greatly reduce the chance of making a costly mistake like putting diesel fuel into a gas car.

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