what happened to dwaine edgar baseball career

what happened to dwaine edgar baseball career

What Happened to Dwaine Edgar’s Baseball Career?

Dwaine Edgar was a talented baseball player with high hopes for a fruitful baseball career. But his career never reached its full potential, and in this article we explore why.

Early Promise

Edgar burst onto the scene in high school when he stole 32 bases in a single year, and became a top prospect.

His great speed and agility earned him recognition from scouts, and he was said to have great potential.

A Rocky Start to the Pros

Dwaine Edgar was drafted in 2001, but struggled to make an impact in his first couple of seasons. He failed to make the majors, seeing little playing time and struggling with his batting average.

Setbacks and Injuries

Dwaine Edgar suffered a number of serious injuries throughout his career, which severely impacted his progress.

  • In 2002, he suffered a wrist injury that required surgery.
  • In 2006, he suffered a torn ACL which required a lengthy recovery.

It was during this period of his career that his momentum and confidence had all but evaporated, and he was unable to stay healthy and on the field.


Eventually, in 2012, Dwaine Edgar retired from baseball, having never found the big success he was once predicted to have. He ended his career with a career batting average of only .217, and no major league experience.


Dwaine Edgar’s baseball career was hampered by injuries and a lack of success in the minor leagues. Despite showing great promise early in his career, he was never able to fulfill his potential, and eventually retired with relatively modest statistics.

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