what happened to brendan fraser’s acting career

what happened to brendan fraser’s acting career

Brendan Fraser’s Acting Odyssey

It has been a decade since one of the biggest Hollywood stars of the 90s and early 2000s stepped away from the spotlight. Star of The Mummy, George of the Jungle and School Ties, Brendan Fraser has carved out an impressive acting career. So why did he recently slip out of the public eye? Let’s take a look at Brendan Fraser’s current situation.

Professional Setbacks

There have been a few professional setbacks in recent years. His struggles to nab leading roles in part contributed to Fraser’s slow withdrawal from the industry.

In addition, Fraser reportedly struggled with poor health in the years prior, suffering from a number of physical ailments that affected his ability to commit to movie roles.

The Importance of Mental and Physical Health

Despite Fraser’s career being on the decline, his physical and mental wellbeing come first. Fraser has made a huge effort to balance his career and personal health. He recently discussed his self-care routine and the importance of it in maintaining a happy lifestyle. He states that there is always a need to take time away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood to recover and rebuild from the stress.

Where Is Brendan Now?

Famous for his charming and charismatic performances, the star of many of the best-known films of the 1990s, Fraser has kept relatively quiet in the years following his last film, Gimme Shelter, released in 2013.

Though he still remains active in the industry, his presence has been largely on television, appearing in small projects such as Condor and Texas Rising. Fraser no longer takes on titular or leading roles in film, yet his commitment to his craft remains.

What’s Next for Brendan Fraser?

Brendan Fraser is currently portraying Cedric Franklin in the Doom Patrol series on DC’s Titans TV universe. Fraser is also set to join the cast of the upcoming Trust Season 3, a series centered around the Getty family.

Brendan Fraser has been brave enough to take a step back and focus on his health, and in doing so has been able to nurture his career and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Fraser recently revisited his freshman film School Ties and with plenty of upcoming projects, let’s hope to see a lot more of the star on our screens soon.

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