what ended meg ryan’s career

what ended meg ryan’s career

What Ended Meg Ryan’s Career?

Meg Ryan’s career has been a roller coaster ride. She achieved great success and was a well-known romantic comedy star in the ’90s. However, it seemed that her career began to decline after she chose to take a break from acting and start a family.

The “It” Girl in the 1990s

Meg Ryan was often referred to as the “It” girl in the ’90s. She was in a plethora of romantic comedies including When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and Hope Floats. She was not only a hit in the romantic comedy genre, she also had solid performances in films like Courage Under Fire and Addicted to Love.

Taking a Break From Acting

After establishing herself as a top Hollywood star in the ’90s, Ryan made a shocking decision in the early 2000s: to take a break from acting. She stated that she felt like it was the right time to start a family and enjoy a simpler life without being in the spotlight. She chose to focus on her family and making her home a priority.

Getting Back in the Game

Ryan eventually returned to acting in 2007, when she starred in the drama In the Land of Women. However, the box-office success was not even close to the level of her glory days in the ’90s, and her lack of roles added to her career’s already slowing momentum.


Though she continued to do occasional films and appearances, the downfall of Meg Ryan’s career has been pretty dramatic. She just hasn’t been able to capture the same adoration and relevance that made her so successful in the ’90s.


Overall, Meg Ryan’s decision to take a break from acting and focus her energy on her family is what ultimately put the nails in the coffin to her career. Her lack of presence in the public and in Hollywood left little room for her to make a comeback, and she just hasn’t been able to regain her footing after her hiatus.

What Meg Ryan is Doing Today

Meg Ryan is still actively pursuing acting, mostly appearing in indie films and occasionally making small appearances in some major releases. In addition to acting, she started a production company, based in New York City.

Overall, Meg Ryan’s career hasn’t lived up to the great heights it achieved in the ’90s, but she is still consistently pursuing her craft.

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