what ended john travolta’s career

what ended john travolta’s career

What Ended John Travolta’s Career?

John Travolta was one of the biggest movie stars of the 1970s and 1980s, known for his roles in Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Pulp Fiction, Get Shorty, and Face/Off, to name a few. But his success in the film industry eventually came to an end, and many fans have been wondering over the years: what ended John Travolta’s career?

1. Poor Quality Post-1990 Films

The most obvious answer to this question is the quality of the movies Travolta starred in after the 1990s. While his earlier works were critically acclaimed and commercially successful, his later films didn’t fare as well, and many were commercial and critical failures. Some of the more notorious flops include Battlefield Earth, Lucky Numbers, Dominic Hyde, and Old Dogs, among others. This string of sub-par films marked a decline in Travolta’s popularity and star power.

2. Negative Media Attention

Travolta has also gone through numerous controversies and scandals over the years. A fueled marijuana incident at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival, a sexual assault allegation, pushy interviews with journalists, and even his connection to the Church of Scientology have all damaged his public image. This negative attention was likely a major factor in his decline in the entertainment industry.

3. Age and Health Issues

Last but not least, the simple fact that Travolta is getting older has certainly had an effect on his career. By Hollywood standards, actors in their 70s are considered “too old” for certain roles, and even smaller supporting roles are increasingly hard to come by. In addition, Travolta has experienced health issues over the years, such as deficient metabolism and a sore knee that needed surgery. These physical ailments may have prevented him from taking on physically demanding roles.


John Travolta was once one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but unfortunately his career has been on the decline in recent years. Poor quality post-1990 films, negative media attention, and age and health issues have all had a negative effect on his ability to find work in the entertainment industry. It’s a shame to see such a talented actor fall from grace, but hopefully he can make a comeback someday soon.

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