what does it career mean

what does it career mean

What does a Career Mean?

A career is how an individual approaches their vocation or profession over the long-term. It is a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment. It is more than an occupation; pursuing a fulfilling career means developing the skillset and knowledge necessary to the chosen field, as well as recognizing your individual strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and growth potential.

Types of Careers

There are many types of careers that someone can pursue. They can include:

  • Full-time career – One major job or a few professional jobs lasting a long time
  • Part-time career – Taking multiple jobs and working shorter hours
  • Freelance career – Selling your skills on a flexible, third-party basis
  • Changing careers – Having different jobs as needs and your skills change
  • Contract career – Short-term work for a client in need of special services
  • Retirement career – Taking up a hobby or passion, while still earning a salary

Benefits of Having a Career

Having a career is beneficial in a number of ways. It can give you a sense of stability, purpose and fulfillment. It can also open up new opportunities for growth and advancement. Additionally, having a career can provide a greater sense of security in knowing that it is more likely for you to have a steady income, which can help support you and your family in times of need. A career also provides an individual with a larger support system and the potential to build beneficial relationships with other professionals in their field.


No matter what type of career you decide to pursue, having a long-term plan can help you achieve professional and personal satisfaction. Taking the time to set goals and build strong skillsets can help individuals find the most fulfilling career path. A career is an ongoing journey and a rewarding experience if approached with the right attitude and diligence.

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