what career made nic stone a better writer

what career made nic stone a better writer

How a Career in Technology Helped Nic Stone Become a Better Writer

Nic Stone, New York Times bestselling author of “Dear Martin” and “Odd One Out,” credits her job in information technology for shaping her skills as a writer. It was her conversations with colleagues and her ability to troubleshoot problems that sharpened her storytelling abilities.

Writing Skills Improved from Tech Career

One of the most important writing skills Nic Stone honed in the tech world was learning how to communicate clearly and concisely. She found that tech-speak wasn’t enough when it came to writing stories, and that she had to be able to write her stories in a way that readers could understand.

This was especially important when it came to summarizing issues quickly and efficiently. During her time as a tech support analyst, Stone often had to provide summaries of various product troubleshooting issues. This skill became especially useful in her career as a writer, where she had to be able to express the conflict and resolution of a story in a few words.

Tech Career Helped with Problem Solving Skills

Her time in the tech world also taught her how to take complex scenarios and break them down into their parts. This type of problem solving was essential when it came to writing stories and novels. It allowed her to focus on all the moving parts and how they fit into the narrative.

Her experience also allowed her to think about stories from a different angle, which she believes helped her craft stories that readers can relate to. Her tech career also gave her an opportunity to dive into a variety of topics, and develop a better understanding of how people function.


Nic Stone’s career in technology was instrumental in helping her become a better writer. She was able to use her experience to hone her ability to communicate clearly, as well as her problem-solving skills. Furthermore, her exposure to different topics and people has given her the tools to craft stories that readers can identify with.

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