what career is best for me test

what career is best for me test

What is a “What Career is Best for Me Test”?

A “What Career is Best for Me Test” is a tool that helps people determine which career is best for them. It does this by exploring several career-related criteria such as interests, values, and abilities. With this data, the test takes into account different factors to generate a list of potential occupations or industry sectors that are well-suited to your individual qualities.

What Does the Test Look at?

The “What Career is Best for Me Test” assesses a range of criteria to determine the best-suited career:

  • Personality: It looks at different personality traits and types to discover which job environments and roles are best suited to you.
  • Skills: The assessment looks into your skills, as well as any areas where you may have a natural inclination or talent.
  • Interests: It forms a picture of your working style, interests, and preferences that will determine what career paths would be the most enjoyable to follow.
  • Values: This criteria helps to assess what motivates you, and what type of workplace you would feel comfortable in.

Benefits of Taking the Test

The “What Career is Best for Me Test” is beneficial in a variety of ways. It helps match your skills, interests, values and personality to potential career pathways. It also:

  • Gives you a more informed perspective on what job opportunities may be available to you.
  • Gives you a better understanding of yourself, including what you care about, what you love to do, and what you may be naturally good at.
  • Reveals potential careers you may have never have considered before, giving you ideas and more options to explore.
  • Provides insight on potential employers and job areas that you may have not thought to investigate.


The “What Career is Best for Me Test” can be an invaluable tool in helping to identify potential careers and industries that are suited to your individual traits and qualities. It is an ideal assessment for those who are uncertain about which career path to go down, or for those who are considering a new direction or change in their career.

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