what career cluster is electrician in

what career cluster is electrician in

What Career Cluster is an Electrician in?

Electricians are important people in the modern world: they diagnose electrical issues, install wiring, and maintain electrical systems. But what career cluster do electricians belong to?

Electrical Occupations

Electricians generally fall within the “Electrical Occupations” career cluster. This category includes multiple specialties that utilize electrical power in performing their job responsibilities. Of course, electricians are the primary occupation within this cluster, but other jobs may include:

  • Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • Electrical Power-Line Installers and Repairers
  • Electromechanical Technicians
  • Residential and Commercial Electricians
  • Industrial Electricians

Core Skills

No matter the specialization, people in the Electrical Occupations career cluster possess a working knowledge of electrical theory and mathematics. Many in this cluster also develop a working knowledge of the technical operations used in the many divisions of the electrical industry. This includes being familiar with the materials and techniques used in electrical maintenance and construction.


Individuals in the Electrical Occupations cluster often have the opportunity to advance in their respective occupations. Depending on the role, electricians may have the chance to move into journeyman positions, increase their area of responsibility, and become master electricians.


Electricians are important people in the modern world, playing an integral role in keeping electrical systems of all kinds functioning. They form an important part of the Electrical Occupations career cluster, where they can advance their skills and knowledge as they progress in their career.

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