what are your long term career goals examples

what are your long term career goals examples

Long Term Career Goal Examples

Pursuing a successful career often requires establishing long term career goal examples and creating an achievable path to success. Here are some common examples of long-term goals that can be identified and pursued:

1. Earn a Degree

Continually updating professional skills and abilities can be a lifelong process. One of the most common long term career goal examples is to earn a degree. Many professionals assess their long-term goals and determine that advancing their current qualifications requires them to obtain a degree.

2. Change Careers

Changing careers periodically is a great way to increase salary and refresh professional development goals. This means transitioning to an entirely different field and getting the right mix of experience and skills to qualify for new roles.

3. Obtain a Certification or License

In many fields, obtaining a license or certification is essential for achieving career success. Certifications can provide a way to gain specialized knowledge and expertise in a particular area of a field, thus giving individuals an advantage for the highest salaries and most prestigious positions.

4. Take on a Leadership Role

Long term career goal examples for many professionals include taking on a leadership role at work. This could mean being promoted to a managerial role or being put in charge of a particular project or department. Regardless of the job, exercising leadership skills can open doors and ensure greater success in the long term.

5. Find a Mentor or Coach

Many professionals choose to seek guidance from a mentor or coach. A mentor can provide valuable career advice and serve as a role model. A coach can help design an achievable plan of action to help individuals reach their long term career goals.


No matter what long-term career goals individuals are pursuing, they must have a timeline and strong action plan to successfully achieve their ambitions. The key is to set realistic goals that are achievable and aligned with personal values, interests, and career path.

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