is youtube a career

is youtube a career

Is YouTube a Viable Career?

The online video-sharing platform YouTube has become a powerful force in the entertainment industry. Every day, thousands of creators make money from producing content for YouTube. This begs the question: is YouTube a legitimate career?

Pros of YouTube

There are various positive aspects of cutting a career in the YouTube world:

  • Passive Income: The beauty of YouTube is that it gives you the potential to earn passive income. Ad revenue can ensure a steady paycheck, while affiliate programs and sponsorships can become lucrative sources of income over time.
  • Flexibility: Creators get to decide when and what to post and don’t have to worry about working around other peoples’ availability. YouTube provides opportunities for content creators to work from home or on-the-go and set their own work hours.
  • Creative Control: YouTube creators hold all of the power when it comes to their content. They can decide exactly what type of content to make, when to release it, and who to collaborate with.

Cons of YouTube

Of course, like any career path, YouTube has its drawbacks. Some of the drawbacks of a career in YouTube include:

  • Competition: With more and more creators joining the platform every day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. It is also becoming more difficult to gain and keep viewers with so much competition.
  • Pressure: YouTube careers can be incredibly stressful. Creators often feel pressure to produce content on a regular basis, stay within certain boundaries, and meet their viewers’ expectations.
  • Uncertainty: Finally, the income from YouTube can be unreliable, so you are never quite sure how much you will make from month to month.


Overall, YouTube has the potential to become a successful and fulfilling career choice if you are willing to put in the hard work and dedication. With the right strategies and creative content, there is no telling how far your channel could go!

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