is underwriting a dying career

is underwriting a dying career

Is underwriting a dying career?

Underwriting is the process of assessing someone’s risk for insuring them. It is a vital part of the insurance industry but is it a dying profession?

The Pros of Underwriting

Underwriting is an important role for those in the insurance industry. Here are some of its strengths:

  • Provides an extra layer of security for an organization when it comes to providing insurance coverage.
  • The role requires a deep understanding of the risk that the policy holder brings and the insurance company is able to protect itself from having to provide too much coverage.
  • The job itself is relatively secure as the demand for underwriters is unlikely to decrease.
  • Underwriters are able to negotiate terms of coverage and premiums with customers, ensuring both parties have mutually beneficial agreements.
  • Underwriting plays an important role in reducing costs for insurance companies.

The Cons of Underwriting

Underwriting is not without its weaknesses:

  • The role can be stressful due to long hours with little recognition for success.
  • It can be a slow-moving career due to a limited number of opportunities for promotion within the profession.
  • Due to the competitive nature of the job, it can be difficult to find a job as an underwriter.
  • It requires extensive knowledge in the insurance industry and underwriting, which can take years to acquire.


Overall, underwriting is still a necessary and important role in the insurance industry. It is unlikely to become obsolete any time soon, but the demand may also not increase. With that said, it is still a relatively secure job to pursue, and individuals committed to the profession may be rewarded with job satisfaction and a secure career path.

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