is the world cup in fifa career mode

is the world cup in fifa career mode

FIFA Career Mode & The World Cup: Do They Mix?

FIFA career mode is one of the most fun and comprehensive modes in the long-running franchise. Although it has its limitations, it is a rewarding grind that allows gamers to not just play, but manage a club or a nation over multiple seasons.

So, you may be asking yourself: “Can I recreate the international football spectacle that is the World Cup in career mode?” Unfortunately, the answer is no, unfortunately. There is, however, an array of options when it comes to playing and enjoying the World Cup on FIFA.

Options for Simulating the World Cup on FIFA

  • Create a Custom Tournament: You can create a tournament with up to 32 teams, complete with group stage and knockout rounds.
  • Online and Local Tournaments: You can participate in tournaments or host your own and challenge friends in Local and Online tournaments.
  • Kick-Off Mode: The classic kick-off mode is also a great way to create custom FIFA World Cup games.
  • Ultimate Team: Although not strictly related to the World Cup, Ultimate Team also allows gamers to build their own squads from any given nation and play head-to-head against other gamers.

So, even though there is no built-in World Cup for Career Mode, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the figurative madness of the biggest football tournament in the world on FIFA.

Thanks for reading! Have fun on FIFA and enjoy the World Cup.

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