is the world cup in fifa 23 career mode

is the world cup in fifa 23 career mode

The World Cup In FIFA 23 Career Mode

The World Cup is the most anticipated international soccer tournament, and fans around the world await eagerly for their teams to compete for the coveted title of World Champions. With the launch of the newest version of FIFA, FIFA 23, players now have the ability to compete for the World Cup as a part of their in-game career mode experience.

World Cup Qualification

Players who want to participate in the World Cup will first have to qualify for it. This is done by playing through the full season and accumulating points, which are based on the rules of the FIFA Points System. Each nation has different qualification criteria and requirements, depending on the FIFA region they are part of.

Team Customization

The World Cup takes place in the game, and players have the option of customizing their team for the tournament. They can choose their jerseys, update the players on their team and make any changes they wish to the squad. The tournament offers a unique experience that allows players to make their team stand out from their opponents.


The World Cup tournament is full of competition, as players battle it out in intense matches that decide the outcome. The tournament is made up of six different stages, all of which involve thrilling matches and exciting matches. As players progress through the tournament, they get the chance to compete against some of the top teams in the world and have a shot at becoming the champions.


Those who manage to emerge victorious in the World Cup will be rewarded with in-game rewards. These rewards include coins and special cards that can be used to boost their team even further. Players can also unlock exclusive items and features, as well as bonus content that can be used to enhance their team and give them a competitive edge.


The World Cup in FIFA 23 career mode offers a unique and exciting experience for players looking to compete on the international stage. Players can customize their team and enjoy intense competition as they battle to become the champions of the World Cup. With rewards waiting at the end, and the chance to compete against some of the best teams in the world, this tournament should prove to be a thrilling experience for all those who participate.

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