is the mortgage industry a good career reddit

is the mortgage industry a good career reddit

Is Mortgage Industry Good Career Reddit?

Mortgage work is a great way to get into the financial services industry. For those looking for a successful career, this could be the right choice. The mortgage industry has shown promise with high salaries and job security, yet is it still a good career option? Here’s what Reddit users have to say.

Pros of Mortgage Industry

  • Salary and Benefits – Most mortgage professionals earn a good wage and typically have good health insurance benefits.
  • Relationship Building – Those in the mortgage industry have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with their clients.
  • Flexible Hours – Flexible hours are available for many mortgage professionals. This is great for those with families or other commitments.

Cons of Mortgage Industry

  • High Pressure Environment – Mortgage work can be very stressful, often with deadlines looming.
  • Paperwork – The paperwork associated with the industry can be overwhelming.
  • Slow Growth – Growth opportunities can be slow in this field.

In conclusion, Reddit users conclude that the mortgage industry can be a good career option, but is not without its drawbacks. Your experience in the mortgage industry may depend on the company you work for and your ability to handle the high pressure environment. Keep these pros and cons in mind before entering the mortgage industry.

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