is stratford career institute legit

is stratford career institute legit

Is Stratford Career Institute Legit?

Stratford Career Institute is an online-based learning institution that provides students with distance learning courses in a range of subject areas. It is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission, so the quality of education provided by Stratford is similar to that offered in conventional schools. But is Stratford truly legitimate?


Stratford has been accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). This means that Stratford has met the DEAC’s standards for quality in distance learning, which are considered to be the same standards of quality as those held by conventional schools. The DEAC is recognized by the US Department of Education, so Stratford’s accreditation is considered to be on a par with other accredited schools.

Course Structure

Stratford’s course structure is designed to be flexible and accommodate a range of student lifestyles. Courses can be taken entirely online and are supplemented with textbooks and other materials that are shipped directly to the student. The coursework is designed to be engaging, with audio and video components to explain concepts in an accessible way.

Teaching and Support

The courses are built on an interactive self-paced system, meaning that you can learn in your own time at your own pace. Additionally, instructors are on hand to provide feedback and guidance as you complete your coursework. Additionally, the school provides career counseling and support services to help with job searches and resumes.


In conclusion, Stratford Career Institute is a legitimate and accredited institution that provides an accessible and effective learning experience for its students. With its range of courses and support services, Stratford provides students with the opportunity to pursue a successful career, and its DEAC accreditation means that its quality of education is on par with traditional schools. Therefore, if you are looking for an accessible and reputable distance learning provider, Stratford is an excellent option.

Overall, Stratford Career Institute is a legitimate, reliable and quality provider of distance learning  education.

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