is stratford career institute accredited

is stratford career institute accredited

What is Stratford Career Institute?

Stratford Career Institute is an accredited, online educational institution that offers career-focused, distance learning courses in a variety of different areas, including high school diploma programs, continuing education credits, professional certifications, and career advancement courses.

Is Stratford Career Institute Accredited?

Yes, Stratford Career Institute is accredited by the Distance Education Accreditation Commission (DEAC). This type of accreditation not only ensures the quality of instruction, but also provides learners with government-backed protection for their educational investment.

What are some of the benefits of being accredited?

  • Rule of Law: Accreditation provides a guarantee of fairness and justice in the educational process.
  • Ease of Transferability: Accreditation ensures that credits and degrees earned through the accredited institution transfer easily to other institutions.
  • High Quality of Instruction: Accreditation provides a guarantee that the institution utilizes highly qualified educators and a rigorous curriculum.
  • Financial Protection: Accreditation provides assurance to students that any educational investment is protected.


While there are many options for students seeking an online education, Stratford Career Institute is an excellent choice for those wishing to obtain an accredited degree or certification. With the assurance and protection offered through DEAC accreditation, Stratford Career Institute is a safe investment for those wishing to pursue their education and career goals.

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