is radiology tech a good career

is radiology tech a good career

Is Radiology Tech a Good Career?

Radiology Tech is a profession that has gained a lot of popularity among job seekers in recent years. But, is it really a good career?

What Does A Radiology Tech Do?

A Radiology Tech is a type of health care provider who uses imaging technology and equipment to diagnose and treat medical issues. They are responsible for taking x-rays, Magnetic Resonance Imaging’s (MRIs), CT scans, and other imaging tests.

Benefits of the Profession

Radiology Techs have numerous benefits to the profession, including:

  • Excellent Job Growth Prospects – The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the demand for this occupation is expected to rise by as much as 12 percent by 2026.
  • Good Pay – The median income for Radiology Techs is around $60,510 a year. That is significantly higher than the median annual wage for all other occupations at $38,640.
  • Flexible Schedule – Radiology Techs often work in shifts, which can allow them to have more flexible hours than some other healthcare occupations.
  • Career Advancement Opportunities – Radiology Techs can move into positions of greater responsibility, such as supervisory roles or management positions.
  • Wide Range of Opportunities – Radiology Techs can work in hospitals, medical labs, private practices, and other healthcare settings.


With the projected growth in the field of radiology and the attractive salary and benefits associated with the profession, a career as a Radiology Tech can be a great choice for those who are interested in working in the healthcare field. The job offers flexibility, advancement opportunities, and a steady salary.

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