is phlebotomy a good career

is phlebotomy a good career

Is Phlebotomy a Good Career?

Phlebotomy is an exciting and rewarding career in the medical profession that involves the drawing and collection of blood samples. But is it a good career?


  • Flexible opportunities – you can find jobs in doctors’ offices, laboratories, and hospitals.
  • Good pay – it is a well-paid profession, with an estimated hourly rate between $18 and $23 per hour.
  • Opportunity for career growth – in addition to drawing blood, there are many opportunities for advancement, including laboratory technician and medical laboratory scientist roles.


  • Demanding schedule – phlebotomists often work long hours and must be on call for emergencies.
  • High risk of injury – there is a risk of sharp needle stick injuries when dealing with blood.
  • Stressful environment – phlebotomists must work in a fast-paced environment in order to keep up with the demand of collecting blood samples.


In conclusion, phlebotomy is a good career if you are looking for a well-paid career with plenty of opportunities for advancement. It has some potential drawbacks such as the demanding schedule, risk of injury, and stressful environment, but these are inherent to the profession.

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