is patrick mahomes career over

Is Patrick Mahomes’ Career Over?

The Super Bowl victory of the Kansas City Chiefs showed what an incredible and talented player Patrick Mahomes is. After being named the MVP for two consecutive years, Mahomes’ postseason performance has had many wondering if he might be the best quarterback of our generation. However, some are now asking if Mahomes’ career might be coming to an end, or if it’s only just beginning.

What has contributed to this speculation?

It started with the Chiefs’ Super Bowl loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season. Mahomes had an inconsistent performance in the game, and many have speculated that it could be a sign of the beginning of a decline in his career.

Adding to the speculations is Mahomes’ recent shoulder injury, which kept him out of several games. Mahomes’ injury could mean surgery or a long stint on the sidelines, and while that could be a sign of recovery, it could also be a sign of the end of his career. With Mahomes’ age and the possibility of starting to slow down, it’s only natural for people to start asking questions about the future of his career.

What does the future hold for Mahomes?

Mahomes’ future is still uncertain, but the good news is that he has shown that he is capable of bouncing back. This year’s Super Bowl performance might have been a disappointment, but it was just one game, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that Mahomes’ career is over. He has already proven to be a great leader and an incredible player, and with the right medical treatment and mental preparation, Mahomes could still enjoy a long and successful career.

Mahomes is also still quite young, being only 25 years old. With the right support, Mahomes could continue to be a great player for many years to come.


The speculation about the end of Mahomes’ career is certainly understandable, given the recent Super Bowl loss, his age, and the shoulder injury he suffered. However, Mahomes still has plenty of time to prove himself, and with the right support and treatment, he could continue to be one of the best quarterbacks of our generation. Time will tell, but for now, it’s still too soon to call Patrick Mahomes’ career over.

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