is paralegal a good career

is paralegal a good career

Is Paralegal A Good Career?

Paralegal work is an ideal career for those looking to enter the legal profession as “paralegals” are employed to assist lawyers with their workload. Such work often requires strong research and communication skills, as well as a good understanding of the law.

What Does A Paralegal Do?

Paralegals are expected to perform legal and administrative duties, such as researching and summarizing court decisions, and drafting pleadings, contracts, and other legal documents. Additionally, they may be asked to conduct interviews and to assemble evidence, as well as to manage and update legal library resources.

Reasons Paralegal Is A Good Career

Here are the reasons why a career as a paralegal can be lucrative:

  • Good Salary: A paralegal in the US can make a competitive salary of around $51,000. This can be further enhanced as you gain more experience and expertise.
  • High Demand: The increasing complexities of legal tasks mean that paralegals are always in high demand, making it easy to find job opportunities.
  • Flexibility: As the legal profession is both fast-paced and ever-changing, the need for reliable paralegals is constant. This makes it easy for paralegals to switch between different areas of law.


In conclusion, becoming a paralegal can be a rewarding, lucrative career choice in the current demanding legal world. With high salaries and lots of job opportunities, it is easy to see why more and more people are turning to a career in legal support.

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