is oil & gas production a good career path

is oil & gas production a good career path

Is Oil & Gas Production a Good Career Path?

The oil and gas industry is a lucrative and stable industry that employs thousands of workers each year. With a strong economy and global demand, it’s no surprise that many people are considering a career in oil and gas production. But is it a good career path?

Pros of Starting a Career in Oil and Gas Production

  • Continual Job Security: With consistent global demand for oil and gas, it’s likely that there will be a consistent demand for workers in oil and gas production.
  • Experience in a Vast and Dynamic Field: The oil and gas industry covers multiple areas including exploration, production, refining and transport. There is ample opportunity to specialize in areas such as safety, engineering or a variety of technical disciplines.
  • High Salaries: An oil and gas career is not only a secure job but also a high paying one. According to, those working in the field can expect starting salaries that range from $80,000 to over $140,000 per year, depending on their experience and qualifications.

Cons of Starting a Career in Oil and Gas Production

  • Environmental Concerns: Employers in this industry are responsible for meeting safety and environmental regulations. This can mean taking extra steps to protect workers and local wildlife.
  • Location Limitations: Many of the oil and gas production jobs are located in remote parts of the world, and many of these regions can be difficult to access. This means that the job may require significant travel and long spells spent away from home.
  • Intense Work: Workers in this industry face long and demanding hours, often in the most extreme of conditions. Those who don’t have the necessary dedication and physical fitness might find this to be a challenge.

In conclusion, there are obvious benefits to starting a career in oil and gas production and with global trends pointing towards continued growth, it’s a great option for those looking for job stability and competitive salaries. However, potential candidates should weigh the pros and cons of the job carefully before making a final decision.

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