is modeling a good career

is modeling a good career

Is Modeling a Good Career?

Modeling is widely seen as one of the most glamorous of jobs, and indeed it can provide great rewards. But ultimately there’s a lot more to this career than just the glitz and glamour. Here, we take a look at the pros and cons of pursuing a career in modeling.

The Pros

  • Flexibility: Working as a model allows a lot of flexibility, you can be as busy or as little as you want to be. You are in control of your own working hours and can balance personal and professional commitments easier than some other jobs.
  • Global Exposure: With the current rise in digital marketing, becoming a model can provide you the opportunity to reach many people around the globe and get maximum exposure.
  • Recognition and Respect: Typically, models enjoy a certain level of limelight as they are often featured in multiple media outlets and publications. This can be a great way to gain recognition and respect as an icon of beauty and fashion.
  • Networking: Working with multiple industry professionals opens up great opportunities to network with potential employers and gain valuable contacts.

The Cons

  • Uncertain Income: Due to the constantly-changing nature of the industry, there’s no guarantee of a regular income. Models often have to turn down jobs, or even work for free in order to keep up with competition.
  • Strict Requirements: Becoming a model requires meeting a certain physical criteria, such as height and weight, which can be difficult to maintain without a strict diet and lifestyle.
  • Ageism: Unfortunately, the fashion and beauty industry is one dominated by youth and this creates an aging stigma in the industry. As a model gets older, their marketability can dip significantly.


All in all, modeling can be confusing and unpredictable, yet also highly rewarding. Deciding on whether this is the right career path for you requires careful consideration of all the pros and cons. Depending on your personal interests and preferences, modeling could be the perfect choice or it might be far from it.

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