is health informatics a good career

is health informatics a good career

Is Health Informatics a Good Career?

Health Informatics is a rapidly growing field that is making a beneficial impact on the medical field. It is all about the storage, retrieval, and use of patient information in order to improve the delivery, quality, and safety of healthcare. With the rapidly changing technology and new innovations in the healthcare industry, there are more opportunities than ever before to have a successful career in Health Informatics.

Pros of a Career in Health Informatics:

  • High Demand: Health Informatics is a rapidly growing field with high demand for qualified professionals as hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities struggle to keep up with the latest technology.
  • Competitive Salary: according to the Bureau of Labor statistics, the average annual salary of a Health Informatics professional is $72,810 per year.
  • Career Development Opportunities: With the advancement of medical technology there is plenty of opportunity for career development in the Health Informatics field.

Cons of a Career in Health Informatics:

  • Long Hours: As health Informatics professionals are responsible for the maintenance of patient information, they are often pushed to work long hours to maintain these records and keep up with medical advancements.
  • Multiple Certifications: Becoming certified in Health Informatics can take a significant amount of time and require multiple certifications.
  • High Stress: Working with patient information can be incredibly stressful due to high stakes and the need for accuracy.

Overall, Health Informatics is a rewarding career with the potential to make a real difference in the world of healthcare. With the proper dedication and determination, Health Informatics can provide an opportunity for individuals to make an impact in the medical field and to have a financially rewarding career.

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