is graphic design a dying career

is graphic design a dying career

Is Graphic Design a Dying Career?

Graphic design has been a popular career choice for many years and has seen tremendous growth in recent years. But there are now rumblings that graphic design may be in decline, with some asserting that it is a dying career. Is this true?

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the art and practice of creating visual representations of ideas and messages. It encompasses a range of media, including web design, photography, typography, traditional print-based media, and interactive media. Graphic designers use the visual language of shape, color, and form to communicate with their audience.

Reasons for Decline

There are several reasons why some feel that graphic design is a dying career. Some of the most common include:

  • Increased Automation – Graphics design is becoming increasingly automated, with software programs that can automatically create designs quickly, saving time and money for businesses.
  • Lower Prices – Many freelancers and agencies have begun to offer services at lower rates, making it harder for traditional, more expensive graphic designers to compete.
  • Alternative Jobs– With the development of online platforms and creative tools, more people are finding other roles that don’t require traditional graphic design skills, such as web design and video editing.


Despite these concerns, there are plenty of reasons to believe that graphic design is far from a dying career. Here are some of the arguments for why graphic design is not a dying profession:

  • Evergreen Demand – Graphic design has been around for centuries, and it is still in high demand in many industries, including advertising, marketing, and publishing.
  • Better Technology – Technology is always evolving, making the job of a graphic designer easier and more efficient. This means there is less manual labor involved, leaving designers more time to create innovative designs.
  • Adaptability – Graphic designers can adapt to changing trends and technologies, keeping up with the changing demands of the industry.


Graphic design is far from a dying career, and if anything, it is becoming more important than ever before. With new tools and increased demand, designers have more opportunities to create high-quality work and build a successful career. Therefore, graphic design is a viable career choice that can offer plenty of opportunities for creative and ambitious professionals.

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